3 Gal. Tea Olive Tree - Fragrant Flowering Evergreen Bush
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The Landscape Plant For Any Yard The Tea Olive, Scientific name Osmanthus fragrans, is an evergreen landscaping bush that produces Small White Flowers. Known for its Blooms with an incredible smell, this bush can be used as a thick privacy hedge, or kept dow to size as a nice ornamental topiary. This bush's mature size is up to 30ft. tall and 20ft wide, providing plenty of space for its fragrant blooms. This hardy Bush is an evergreen southern staple that has blooms you can smell from yards away. It will fill your entire yard with heavenly aromas. It is well suited to full sun, but still does well with some shade. This tea olive loves acidic soil, and can tolerate a good amount of water without any negative effects. Get yours today! SPECIMEN PLANT - the Tea Olive can be planted in a pot or in your landscape, adding a unique floral twist to any outdoor area. FRESH CUT FLOWERS - These flowers are perfect for cutting of and keeping in water to liven up a space EASY TO CARE FOR - After being established in your yard, there is no need to do any extra amount of care. GROWN IN THE USA - These plants are potted up and shipped out locally in Florida. SHIPS DIRECTLY TO YOU - There is no need to come to the store in person, you can receive HIGH QUALITY plants delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME!