Patriot Power Generator - Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery - Compatible With Solar Panel For Renewable Charging - 1,800 Watts of Reliable Power During An Outage - Quiet And Portable - 2,500 + Lifecycles


CHARGE TIME: Recharges fully in only 3-4 hours using the included AC cord. Works with any wall outlet. The Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery holds a charge for 12 months at only a 20% max leak. Can also charge in 4-10 hour with solar panel (sold separately)..SAFE, RELIABLE POWER: It's a generator you can keep in your home. No dangerous carbon-monoxide fumes. Strong power with 768 Wh of stored power and a continuous output of 1,800 W. Works with fridges, lamps, personal medical devices, phones and more..POWER CAPABILITIES: Works with any standard wall outlet. MPPT Technology means you can recharge your way. Use a hand-crank, bicycle, wind turbine, or even a windmill. So you have plenty of options for your power needs..GREEN POWER SUPPLY: Don't use expensive, toxic fossil fuels. The Patriot Power Generator never needs gas… ever. It's fume-FREE, silent & safe power you can keep and even use indoors. Can recharge using only sunlight (solar panel sold separately).PERFECT FOR: Staying at the cabin, RV trips or preparing for a blackout. Use it to power lights, AC, blenders or power your next tailgate. Or stash it away as backup power when the power grid goes down. Even works as a convenient RV power source!.YOU RECEIVE: A Patriot Power Generator, AC wall-outlet charging cord. Plus, a helpful user manual to get you started right away. And an accessory pouch to stash all your cords and other generator needs. 100-Watt Solar Panel sold separately.