TEMPO Communications 701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit | Wire Tracer for Telephone, Internet, Video, Data Cables (701K-G-BOX Pro Grade)


INDUSTRY STANDARD WIRE TRACER: Unrivalled accuracy in voice, data, and video wiring tracing for flawless installations and repairs. Identify wires from a bundle, monitor voltage passing through the circuit, check breaks in the circuit, and trace wires through walls, floors, and ceilings (non-conductive such as wood or drywall)..LED TONE PROXIMITY INDICATOR illuminates brighter the closer you get to the correct pair (i.e. the tone). LED WORKLIGHT allows you to view behind furniture, inside racks, and in other dim lighting conditions..SUPERIOR AUDIBLE SIGNALS: Don't let background noise hinder your work. Distinct Tracing Warbling Tones pierce through any environment, enabling effortless tracing in even the noisiest settings. Enjoy crystal-clear audibility for precise wire identification..PROFESSIONAL-GRADE VERSATILITY: Empowering technicians with the right tools, our 701K-G (BOX) Wire Tracer equips you with a high-power 77HP-G tone generator, 77HP-G tone probe amplifier, modular plug, alligator test leads, RJ11/45, socket adaptor, and a sturdy nylon carrying case. Unleash your expertise and effortlessly identify wires within multi-pair cables..ENHANCED PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED: Assembled in the USA, our wire tracers provide a superior technician experience, ensuring seamless wire tracing and identification. Trust Tempo for lasting quality and reliable results..PROBE FEATURES: Conductive plastic tip (metal tip included plus spare flat conductive plastic tip). Rotary gain control. Headset connection. Front-facing flashlight. Signal strength LED. Double acting push-button, light press to activate probe, press harder to illuminate the flashlight. Powerful 2" water-resistant loudspeaker..OSCILLATOR (GENERATOR) FEATURES: Strong alligator clips, 24 (60cm) super flexible insulated cords. 6P4C (RJ11) modular plug cord. RJ45 coupler. Strong strain relief on cords. Metal protection collar around power/mode switch. Dual polarity LEDs, Tone melody switch. Continuity LED and buzzer.



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