Food to Live Brown Basmati Rice, 1.5 Pounds – Whole Grain, Long-Grain Rice Variety, Fragrant, Kosher, Vegan. Less Starch. High in Dietary Fiber. Great for Making Stir-Fries, Curries, and Pilafs.


✔️FANTASTIC AROMA: Brown Basmati Rice is renowned for its spicy mildly-earthy aroma..✔️DELICIOUS ON ITS OWN: The mildly nutty flavor of Brown Basmati Rice is so delicious, it makes a great side dish all on its own..✔️EASY TO COOK: It’s not necessary to soak basmati rice and you can cook it quickly in about 30 minutes..✔️NUTRITIOUS WHOLE GRAIN: Whole-grain basmati rice has a higher content of fiber, as well as minerals and B vitamins..✔️VERSATILE USES IN COOKING: Because of its pleasant taste and firm texture, brown basmati rice is great to use in stir-fry and curry.



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