Pet Life Brown Dog/Cat Deshedding Brush Stainless Steel | GR1BRSM
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The Pet Life ® 'LYNX' 2-in-1 Travel Connecting Grooming Pet Comb and Deshedder Grooming Tool features 2 outer shells consisting of both a comb and a Deshedder blade that collide closed making it perfect for travel. The Deshedder blade is composed of Stainless Steel designed to remove shedded and loose hairs along the Top Coat while the Comb is composed of Flexible TPU material that's designed to brush and smoothen their hair and help remove both Knots and Tangles deeper into the undercoat. Small and Compact in size and fits right into your pocket or purse makes it perfect for travel. The outershell is composed of High-Grade Plastic material with a Rubber-like pinched grip for added precision and control while brushing. The smaller sized Comb and Deshedder is designed for Short Hair Breeds and the Larger sized comb is designed for Larger Hair Breeds. Great for both Dogs and Cats. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors. SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H3.54 X 3.54 X 1.18 SMALL DESHEDDER BLADE DIMENSIONS (INCHES): LENGTH: 0.19 INCHES. SMALL HAIR BREEDS. LARGE DESHEDDER BLADE DIMENSIONS (INCHES)LENGTH: 0.23 INCHES. LONG HAIR BREEDS Pet Life Brown Dog/Cat Deshedding Brush Stainless Steel | GR1BRSM



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