Banks Ram Air Intake System

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The Banks Ram Air Intake System is specially designed to remove every last restriction in your truck's air intake system. The key to producing horsepower and peak efficiency is allowing your engine to breath. With Banks air intakes, you get everything you need to upgrade your truck with the best air intake on the market. The Ram Air Intake System features much larger inlets/ outlets and larger tubing designed for aerodynamic airflow and greater volume. The intake is fully enclosed and positioned to pull dense, cold air for increased efficiency, so you never have to worry about sucking in warm, power robbing air again. All air intakes include an oversized Lifetime filter that requires less cleaning while opening up airflow. Huge 4 1/2" bellows allow for increased air movement while extending service life and preventing component damage. For even better performance, combine your Ram Air Intake with the Banks Super Scoop intake horn