Dedeco Sunburst Rubber Abrasive Wheel - 7/8" (22mm) Knife-Edge Wheel, Finishing and Polishing Rotary Tool Accessories, Ultra-Fine 1 Micron Grit, Aluminum Oxide - 12 Pieces Per Pack


MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Sunburst Rubber abrasive wheels are designed to cover all your needs! Perfect for polishing shafts, dressing diamond wheels, cleaning calibrations and reference points as well as touching up cutting tools..LONG-LASTING - Durable construction guarantees a long lasting use. Excellent for polishing shafts, dressing diamond wheels and cleaning calibrations and reference points..CLEAN AND POLISH TO PERFECTION - A fantastic all-rounder for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces. From breaking edges, to removing rust and heat marks, it can work wonders..EASY TO USE - Remove feather edges and touch up cutting tools easily with this piece of equipment Leaves a clean, polished finish with minimal effort..ULTRA-FINE 1 Mircon MICRON- The essential buffer polisher tools to get you crafting away in no time. Perfect for polishing without compounds, rouges or pastes.