Pesidx Braided Fishing Line, Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines, High Sensitivity and Zero Stretch, 4 Strands to 8 Strands with Smaller Diameter


SUPERIOR STRENGTH: This premium braided fishing line from Pesidx is engineered from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, one of the strongest woven fibers on earth; This braided line is designed to be super tough and withstand the most demanding conditions; When you need braid fishing line that's as tough as you are, trust only Pesidx..SUPERIOR ABRASION RESISTANCE: Engineered with a proprietary Diamond Weave process, this powerful braided Line produces a rounder and more consistent structure that compacts very well and stacks evenly on to the spool for increased operation, helps reduce backlashes, wind knots, and rod tip wrapping. Pesidx braided line excels at fishing through nasty cover like wood, brush, rocks, mats, and boat docks..NO STRETCH/MEMORY & EXTREME SENSITIVITY: The lack of stretch - you can set the hook much faster, easier than with mono. Low zero memory - means the traditional line twists you get in mono line are no more. Pesidx braided fishing lines are also extremely sensitive. You can feel the slightest bites even with heavier lines and have the confidence to land any large fish in rugged conditions..SUPER SMOOTH& CAST FURTHER: Features incredible smoothness with no memory, allows Pesidx to effortlessly flows through the guides with minimum line vibration for increased casting distance and accuracy, avoids line twist and delivers outstanding casting performance..LONG LASTING COLOR : Say goodbye to fishing braid that quickly loses color over time; Pesidx braided fishing line uses a proprietary Colorinnk technology with UV resistant pigments that won't easily fade when exposed to the elements; For bright and vibrant colored fishing line, Pesidx is the answer.



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