PQWT L2000 Outdoor Pipe Water Leak Detector, Middle Sensor Detecting Water Leak for Depth 5m


ğŸŽ‰Measurement & Analysis Instruments Other Instruments:It is applied to different detecting outdoor ground. Be suitable for different kind of underground metal and non-metallic pressure piping, and works on different soil like concrete land, and soft soil too.ğŸŽ‰Working principle: Pipeline Water Leak Detector collects leaking sound signal through its sensor, collected signal will be processed by host machine and displayed on the host machine screen in the form of visual spectrum and signal bars. At the same time, the sound will also be output to its earphone through the host machine. Water leakage point can be found out easily through the combination of "listening to the abnormal sound" and "observing the abnormal signal bars”..ğŸŽ‰High Precision Detector,effectively solving the problem of water leakage,Combine the dual-mode function acoustic vibration with spectrum technology to determine the accurate leakage.ğŸŽ‰Electronic Earphone Leak Detector Water Pipe Detection Equipment Kit- Host machine, 1 x Earphone, 1X Middle sensor.ğŸŽ‰Setting the function of rough measurement and accurate measurement to quickly lock the leaking point,The closer the detector is to the leak, the greater the jerk will sound, indicating that the Columnar will be higher and the user will be able to operate to detect the leak.