Aromaplan Hotel Scents Santal 5 Fl Oz, USA Fragrance- Home Luxury Aroma & Hotel Collection Diffuser Oil- Hotel Diffuser Oil for Aromatherapy- USA Made, Bigger Bottle, Bolder Aroma & Longer Lasting


UNLEASH YOUR SENSES - Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all senses, besides being the sensation that most influences mood. The Santal fragrance strongly possesses this characteristic of storing olfactory memories..SENSORY EFFECT- A bold and captivating perfume, highly concentrated with a feeling of lightness, refinement, and softness at the same time. The AromaPlan perfume, inspired by Santal infuses spaces with warmth and discreet sophistication. It’s main notes are Sandalwood, papyrus, and musk..MADE IN USA - The 2 pack AromaPlan Santal fragrance is manufactured in the USA with pure raw materials under strict quality control, free of solvents, parabens, DPG, glycols, petroleum derivatives, and other potentially harmful chemicals to health, such as propellants found in aerosols..SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY - The AromaPlan fragrance oil is completely safe for PETS AND CHILDREN, so you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of our perfumes without any worries. Our aromatic oils are non-flammable and environmentally friendly..PAIR IT WITH THE BEST DIFFUSER- Our perfume oils are optimized for use with our AromaPlan cold-air diffusers but can also be used with any cold-air or ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser, or car diffuser for maximum versatility. Create your ideal ambience with ease and enjoy a consistent, long-lasting fragrance..CREATED BY VISIONARY AND PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEURS - AromaPlan is a young company, specialized in creating aroma experiences. We are driven by passion and inspired by love. Our goal is to provide memorable experiences with high-quality fragrances that create a specific ambience with pure essential scents. Our scent machines use advanced technology to convert perfume into dry microparticles. Santal33 is one of the most noble masterpieces of world perfumery..EXPERIENCE UNPARALLELED FRAGRANCE LONGEVITY: With a generous 5 fl.oz (148 ml) volume, our fragrance offers an abundant and enduring scent experience. It provides a rich, potent aroma at an economical rate of approximately 1 ml per hour. This means you can enjoy up to 150 hours of exquisite, continuous fragrance from just one bottle.



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