Genuine Oticon Hearing Aid Domes MiniFit Single Vent Bass 8mm (0.31 inches - Medium), Oticon Branded OEM Denmark Replacements, Authentic Accessories for Optimal Performance - 3 Pack / 30 Domes Total


GENUINE OEM REPLACEMENT DOME - Authentic Accessories for Optimal Performance - Genuine OEM Oticon Minifit Bass Single Vent Domes 8mm, with a base diameter of 0.31 inches (8mm), are original equipment manufacturer accessories. Oticon Minifit Bass 8mm Single Vent Domes parts numbers 133788 and 133537 are included in manufacturer packaging, providing a total of 30 domes..8MM DOMES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM EAR CANALS - Oticon Minifit Bass 8mm (0,31 inches) Single Vent Domes are designed for small and medium ear canals, the 8mm Single Vent Domes cater to individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss.Single vent style allows for enhanced bass amplification and reduced feedback, ensuring a superior auditory experience..NON-ALLERGENIC SILICONE DOMES - Oticon Minifit Bass 8mm Single Vent Domes, boasting non-allergenic silicone construction, these domes provide a comfortable and secure fit.Developed by Oticon, a reputable hearing aid manufacturer, the domes are made from skin-friendly materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The silicone material contributes to overall sound quality, making these domes a reliable choice for users seeking an excellent auditory experience..COMPATIBILITY AND PERFECT FIT - Oticon Bass Dome 8mm Single Vent is compatible with hearing aids using the Oticon miniFit Receiver and Speaker wire at 60, 85, and 100dB. Effortlessly attaching to a wide range of modern Oticon hearing aids, including models such as Real, More, Siya, Nera, Ria, Ruby, Opn, Opn S, Zircon, Design, Como, Sensei, Alta, and Bernafon Sonic Branded RITE Hearing Aids Supplies, these domes ensure a perfect fit for various hearing aid models..BEST HEARING SOLUTIONS - For an optimal sound experience and to prevent common issues like itchiness, staining, and tears, it is recommended to use Genuine OEM Oticon 8mm Single Vent Domes in conjunction with Genuine OEM Oticon Prowax MiniFit Wax Filters (OEM parts no: 128057).Users can trust the compatibility and effectiveness of Oticon OEM Domes and Oticon OEM wax filters, both produced by the reputable hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, ensuring no sound loss and prolonged durability