DJSUNPACKING 8" Vacuum Suction Cups Heavy Duty for Lifting Large Glass - Industrial Suction Cup Lifter with Handle, 500 lbs Load Capacity (2 Pack)


【Ultra-thick Suction Cup】Made of high quality and high elasticity rubber, DJSUNPACKING thickened vacuum suction cups are cold resistant, heat resistant, long-lasting suction force, not easy to leak and deformation, which can work under the temperature from -20°C to 60°C and maintain vacuum for 6 hours..【Ergonomic Handle】 Durable ABS plastic handle with a non-slip texture design features a strong grip. Easier and faster-operating techniques improve work efficiency, which helps to install and transport overhead and special objects..【8-inch Vacuum Suction Cup】 The hand-held glass suction cup with 3 layers of leak-proof lines at the bottom is more airtight than common styles on the market, and can be quickly attached to a flat, clean, smooth, non-porous surface. The load capacity is within 500 lbs..【Red Warning Line Pressure Indication】Place the glass suction cup on the surface of the object and press the air pump continuously until the red alert line disappears, then you can handle the object easily. After the handling is finished, just press the release lever for quick release..【Wide Application】The glass suction cup lifter can be widely used for large tiles, windows, marble, rock panels, steel plates, and flat glass. It is an excellent tool for lifting and lowering furniture such as tables, cabinets, flat panel TVs, solariums, glass walls, etc. Please clean the surface of the object before use to avoid affecting the use effect.



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