Newborn Baby Wearable Swaddle Sleep Sack Easy Adjustable 0-3 Months 1 Pack (black-word)


Soft and Comfortable: Our Baby Swaddle Wrap is made with premium quality materials that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable sleep..Easy to Use: Our Swaddle Sleep Sack takes the guesswork out of swaddling and makes it easy for new parents to wrap their baby securely. Simply tuck your baby into the swaddle and adjust the Velcro tabs for a perfect fit..Perfect for Newborns: Designed to fit newborns up to 3 months old and adjustable for babies weighing between 7-14lbs or 3-6.3kg, our Swaddle Wrap provides a snug fit that helps soothe and calm fussy babies..Safe and Secure: The Swaddle Sleep Sack is designed to provide added safety and comfort for your baby while they sleep. The snug fit helps prevent the startle reflex , while the breathable fabric keeps your baby cool and comfortable..Great Gift for New Parents: The Baby Swaddle Wrap makes an excellent gift for new parents who want to ensure their baby gets a good night's sleep. With a pack of three, they'll always have a spare on hand for those inevitable diaper blowouts!