EUPHENG Fly Tying Tool Combo Fly Tying Accessories and Tools Kit, Fly Tying Bobbin Holder, Hair Stacker, Cutting Pliers, Fly Tying Scissors or More


Experience the ultimate comfort and control while fly tying with our lightweight bobbin holder! Crafted from premium materials, our bobbin holders are designed to be lightweight, weighing in at only 0.53 ounces. The lightweight design makes it easy to hold and maneuver during the fly tying process, allowing you to tie flies for longer periods without experiencing hand fatigue..Eupheng fly tying bobbin holder featuring an internal ceramic tube is perfect for fly tyers who demand the best. The ceramic tube is designed to hold the thread spool in place, keeping it organized and tangle-free. The smooth surface also helps to guide the thread through tight spaces and around delicate materials, allowing you to tie flies with ease and precision..Eupheng bobbin holder features an externally mounted copper wheel that allows you to adjust the thread tension stepwise, ensuring that you get the perfect tension every time. The micro-adjustable resistance for pulling off the thread ensures that you can create durable and well-tied flies, while the adjustable tension allows you to customize the tension to your specific needs..Our bobbin holder is a must-have tool for creating flawless flies. Take the first step towards mastering the art of fly tying!.We've had some comments lately because people don't know how to adjust the washers to the spool: Compatible with almost all spools in the market. 3 nylon washes are installed. 2 are enough for fitting most spools. Please remove 1 out of the spool for future need.



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