FUMAK Linear Air Pump for Pond Aeration, Septic Air Pump, Hydroponic Air Pump, Pond Air Pump, Pond Aerator 1350GPH, for Koi Pond, Aquarium, Waste Treatment, Fish Farm, Seafood Restaurant


PERFORMANCE – Super powerful air output and super high pressure. The motor is made of pure copper coil for high efficiency and low power consumption. Model KP80, 40W power, 1350GPH (85LPM) flow rate and 0.032MPa pressure..QUIET – This linear air pump is designed with multiple denoising considerations to achieve low noise operation..IMPROVED HEAT DISSIPATION – Aluminum alloy housing for efficient heat dissipation to keep the pump always work in the best condition, and to ensure a longer life time of the pump..EXTENSIVE USE – This pump can be used for a septic air pump, or a koi pond aerator, or a hydroponic air pump. POND/FISH FARM/RESTAURANT – Improves the oxygen supply for fish. HYDROPONICS - Aerate nutrients to stimulate root growth. SEPTIC SYSTEMS – boosts waste decomposition by adding oxygen to encourage aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matters..ACCESSORIES – The pump comes with an air diffuser with 17 outlets to connect to air stones (airline tubing and air stones should be purchased separately)..DIAPHRAGM REBUILD KIT - If your air pump stops working because of the breakdown of the diaphragm, you only need to replace the diaphragm to make your machine work normally. Search code "B0C8MLV5JJ" to get it.



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