Gecboey Toe Guard Protectors for Quad Roller Skate, Roller Skate Toe, Roller Skate Toe Guards, Artificial Leather Roller Skate Protectors Toe Guards Quad Roller Skate (A-Rose


Product: Skate Toe , roller skates toe guards, Roller Skate Toe Guards, Skate Toe Guards, Toe Skates, Toe Guards for Roller Skates, Toe Roller Skates..Material: Roller Skate Toe Made of leather, Toe Guards Roller Skates, wear-resistant, good cushioning performance..Product Dvantages: Toe Skates, Extend the service life of speed quad roller skates, Roller Skates Toe Guards, the toe from damage..Effect: Roller Skate Toe Guard Designed to stay in place and extend the life of your roller skates. Skate Toe Suitable for most roller skating.4-hole adjustment..package Contents: 1pair * Toe Skates



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