INDIANA TICKET CO. Blue Drink Roll Tickets, 2000 per Roll, Single Roll, 1x2 Tickets for Admission, Events, Fundraisers & Prizes


2,000 Tickets Per Roll.CONSECUTIVELY NUMBERED Tickets have consecutive numbering from ###001..HIGH QUALITY TICKETS Premium quality Indiana Ticket Co. raffle tickets. Each roll contains 2,000 single drink tickets raffle tickets for admissions, events, fundraisers, giveaways, carnivals, drawings, door prizes, corporate events, trade shows and more.BRIGHT COLORS Choose from a variety of our fun, bright colors to match your event’s theme. Each Indiana Ticket Co. roll includes 2,000 raffle tickets. The tickets are 1” x 2" portions..MADE IN THE USA Since 1971, Indiana Ticket Co. has been bringing exceptional quality tickets to events all over the country. Proud to be made and manufactured in the USA, the Indiana Ticket Co. name is printed on each ticket so you know you are getting authentic tickets.