Garmin GMR Fantom™ 18x, Dome Radar, Black


18” 50-watt solid-state dome radar features a long range and improved target detection on your compatible chartplotter.Adjust on-screen target resolution for better separation based on your surroundings by using the target size feature.Up to 60 RPM rotation speed for a refresh rate that can detect movement at any speed.The power save feature lets you draw more or less power based on the performance you need.Timed transmit mode lets you specify active and inactive times down to seconds instead of minutes for reduced power consumption.MotionScope technology uses the Doppler effect to detect moving targets and highlight targets on your compatible chartplotter in different colors as they move toward or away from you.True echo trails leave a historical “trail” on your compatible chartplotter to help you quickly and easily identify moving targets and potential collision threats.Dual range provides split-screen images on your compatible chartplotter with separate range settings and controls for both close and long range.Dual radar support allows each of your compatible chartplotters on your boat to pull data from one of two different radar sources to provide redundancy.Dynamic Auto Gain automatically adjusts to your surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions