Garmin LiveScope Plus System with GLS 10 Sonar Module and LVS34 Transducer
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The Best Of The Best Just Got Better The latest in LiveScope technology, the LiveScope Plus System offers improved resolution, reduced noise, clearer images and better target separation. • See images clearly with improved screen clarity, transducer sensitivity and target separation• Scan surroundings with sharper images, reduced noise and fewer sonar artifacts • Upgrade your current LiveScope System black box (GLS 10 sonar module) with just a new transducer • Get maximum contrast and clarity in your images with vivid color palettes• Don't miss a thing with supported Forward, Down and Perspective modes and necessary mount Image definition like you've never seen. Real-Time Images Real-time sonar ensures that your live images are as accurate as possible. Clear Vision See exactly what you need with reduced noise and fewer sonar artifacts that impede your picture of fish and structure. Image Stabilization A built-in stabilization system keeps the sonar image on your compatible chartplotter steady, even in rough conditions. Vivid Color Palettes Choose from seven vivid color options - including Aqua, Caribbean, Lava and more - to see fish and structure in maximum contrast and clarity. Select a LiveScope mode to fit your environment. Forward Mode Scout ahead of your boat to see what's happening in real time. Down Mode Explore live views of the activity directly beneath your boat. Perspective Mode See under the water with a view from your perspective above the water.



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