Cerebria: The Inside World – A Board Game by Mindclash Games 1-4 Players – Board Games for Family 60-120 Mins of Gameplay – Games for Family Game Night – for Teens and Adults Ages 15+ - English


Cerebria - The Inside World is a wondrous and quirky world where players embody the Spirits of Bliss or Gloom, the two opposing sides of human nature..Leave the Outside World behind, submerge into Cerebria and shape the future of the Inside World in a 1-4 player objective-driven area-control tactical team game, Cerebria: The Inside World..Competing to shape Cerebria's Identity, Spirits spread their influence on the main board by invoking Emotion cards with various intensities and abilities; placing Fortresses to strengthen their presence in the Realms; unlocking upgrades to their Actions; absorbing Willpower from the ever-rotating Origin; and attempting to trigger Revelations at just the right time to score the completed objectives..Assume the role of Cerebria's Spirits associated with either Bliss or Gloom and invoke Emotion cards with various intensities and abilities to occupy important areas on the main board..The game comes with a Solo and 2 Player co-op mode.



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