HTO3XL Laptop Replacement L11119-855 HT03XL Battery for HP Pavilion 14 15 17 15-CS 15-DA 15-DB Series 15-DA0012DX 14-CE0068ST 15-CS3073CL 15-CS3153CL 15-CS2064ST 15-DA0014DX Fits HT03041XL HSTNN-LB8M


💻【Specification】HT03XL battery for hp;Battery Type: Li-ion Capacity: 41.9 Wh; Voltage: 11.55V.100% New; 100% Original..💻【Compatible with】HP HT03XL Battery,for HP Pavillion Notebook 14-CE 14-CF 14-CK 14-CM 14-DF 14-MA 14Q-CS 14Q-CY 14S-CF 14S-CR Series 14-CE0020TX 14-CE1056WM 14-CE0064ST 14-CE3065ST 14-CE2068ST 14-CE0504SA 14-CE0025TU 14-CF0014DX 14-CF1015CL 14-CF0006DX 14-CF0013DX 14-CF0012DX 14-CF0051OD 14-CF0052OD 14-CF1000NE 14-CF1020OD 14-CM0007LA 14-CK0013LA 14-CK0001LA 14-DF0023CL 14-DF0018WM 14-DQ0011DX 14-DQ1043CL 14-DQ1033CL 14-DK1003DX 14-DK0002DX 14-DK1022WM 14-DK1025WM 14-FQ0032MS 14-FQ0013DX.💻【Fit for】L11119-855 HP Battery,for HP Pavilion 15-CS 15-CW 15-DA 15-DB 15G-DR 15T-DA 15T-DB 17-by 17-CA Series 15-CS0053CL 15-CS2073CL 15-CS1063CL 15-CS1065CL 15-CS0064ST 15-CS3672CL 15-CS0025cl 15-CS0057od 15-CS0058od 15-CS0073cl 15-CS3065cl 15-CR0017nr 15-CR0064st 15-CW1063WM 15-CW1004LA 15-CW0001la 15-CW0001ns 15-CU0058NR 15-DW0033NR 15-DW0037WM 15-DW2025CL 15-DW0035cl 15-DW0038wm 15-DW0043dx 15-DW0053nl 15-DA0002DX 15-DA1005DX 15-DA0032WM 15-DA0033WM 15-DA0073MS 15-DA0053WM 15-DB0015DX.💻【Part Number】L11421-542 L11421-2C2 HSTNN-UB7J HSTNN-DB8R HSTNN-DB8S HSTNN-IB80 HSTNN-IB8O HSTNN-LB8L L11421-1C1 L11421-1C2 L11421-2C1 L11421-2D1 L11421-421 L11421-422 L11421-423 L11421-545 TPN-C136 TPN-I130 TPN-I131 TPN-I133 TPN-Q207 TPN-Q208 TPN-Q210 HSTNN-IB7Y 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541 HSTNN-IB8X L11421-1C3.🥰Our Ac Adapters are 100% Compatibility with the oem.The Laptop Charger manufactured with the highest quality materials, UL / CE / FCC / RoHS certified. Additionally, We offer product free exchange should adapter become defective within one year of your purchasing.



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