"Gourd - Corsican - 0.25 Oz ~200 Seeds - Garden Vegetable - Non-GMO, Heirloom - Buy Non-GMO Lagenaria siceraria Farm & Gardening "
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"Corsican gourds have a round flat shape that is unique to them.They have a light medium green color and become tan when dried. They grow to be 12” in diameter by 5” tall, looking similar to a cheese wheel. Plants grow 18-24” tall with long vines. Sow seeds indoors for transplant or directly outdoors. Space hills 6’ apart in full sun in the spring. After 110-130 days, gourds are ready for harvest, they can either be harvested green or left to continue to dry. Gourds often have a stem knob that makes for a great handle. Popular uses of these gourds when dried are for decoration or as a bowl. They can also be painted, drilled, and cut."


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