MexiBell Hybrid F1 Hot Pepper - 1 OZ ~3,360, Vegetable Gardening Seeds - Buy Non-GMO Capsicum annuum Farm & Gardening Seeds Onli
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MexiBell looks like a small sweet pepper, but it fact it has a bit of a kick. Not too much heat, but just enough for some spice. About 100-500 Scoville Units. 24" plants produce bell shaped peppers that are 3-325.5" across. Nice thick walls stand up well to being stuffed with filling and baked. Perfect salsa pepper: Great thick bodied peppers. The thick walls makes it easy to roast & peal. This provides a much quicker yield of chopped peppers when making salsa. Mildly hot with a good taste. Sustainable Seed Company values food independence and sustainability through green agricultural and business practices. Our mission is to ensure a more sustainable future with healthier food options and integrity to the quality of our products. We do this by preserving one of our most precious resources - seeds!


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