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Indulge your dog's instinctive urge to chew with this Joyhound Boss Bones Nylon Chew Twist Dog Toy. This toy is made of nylon and real wood fiber, is great for your dog's teeth, and is built to last for hours and hours of chewing fun. Finally, a chew toy worthy of your best friend. Only at PetSmart. Features: Made of a nylon/wood blend for dogs that is ideal for moderate chewers Encourages positive chewing behavior and satisfies the natural instinct to chew Faceted and grooved surface helps clean your dog's teeth and promote dental health Ridge and grooves for easy grip Nylon/wood blend is softer on your dog's teeth and gums than other nylon-based chew toys Includes: 1 Boss Bones Chew Toy Intended For: Dogs Activity: Chew Color: Brown Size: 7 in Great Gift Idea: Great Gift Idea: For hours and hours of healthy fun, look no further for the perfect gift to give or get for your pet. Chew toys are designed for productive play for small, medium, and large breeds, as well as aggressive chewers and teething pups. Pet Benefits: Interactive treat toys and puzzles are designed to challenge, engage, and stimulate your dog's natural instincts for forging by incorporating problem-solving into their normal routines. These activities help keep your dog busy for hours, soothing them as it dispenses treat rewards. Finding treats and solving puzzles help keep him or her mentally and physically active while you are away. Directions: For use with treat sticks. Insert treat stick into the end of the toy or through an appropriately sized hole. For use with soft and hard treats. Fill holes and cavities with treats. Advice for Use: Observe your pet's behavior with the toy for suitability. Some toys may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove and replace the toy if it becomes damaged. Caution: Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Expert Guidelines for Usage: When introducing any new toy or accessory, experts suggest first observing your pet's interaction and behavior with the new item to determine suitability and comfort level when left alone. Some items may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove and replace the item if it becomes damaged or is not suitable for your pet's energy levels, demeanor, allergies, or comfort level. Inspect item frequently and discontinue use if worn, loose, or torn pieces occur. Joyhound Boss Bones Chew Twist Dog Toy, Adult, Size: Large | PetSmart



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