HOTO Self Lock Tape Measure, Retractable Measuring Tape, Precise Measurement, Great Stiffness, Shock Absorbent Base, Anti-Rust & Anti-Scratch, 10 Ft (3m)


CONVENIENT SELF-LOCK: Measuring becomes an effortless job with the ingenious inner mechanism that self-locks the blade when pulled out..A PRESS TO RETRACT: Powerful blade spring retracts the blade smoothly. The ergonomically designed corner button rewinds the blade when pressed and locks it when released. Total control of retraction speed and damage..PRECISE MEASUREMENT: 10 feet (3m) maximum length, straight and stiff for 5 feet (1.5m). The matte finish avoids reflections for a clear measurement reading. The loose clip allows an accurate measurement whether you push or pull the tape..SAFE & NON-SHARP: High flexibility grade 55 steel blade that hardly snaps. Durable nylon coated blade with dulled edges to avoid corrosion and effectively prevent damage..RIGID & IMPACT-RESISTANT: Water repellent and shock-absorbent case in advanced engineering ABS plastic. Matte textured surface; lightweight and comfortable to the touch. A measuring device that gives you peace of mind.