India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar, 1 Pound Box, Unrefined Brown Baking Sugar with Rich Molasses Flavor, Perfect for Gingerbread, Coffee, and Chocolate Cakes


If the sugar hardens, place it in a bowl and cover the bowl with a wet cloth until the sugar softens again.Elevate your recipes with the finest quality sugar imported from Mauritius - India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar. Its fine, moist texture and high molasses content create a luxurious taste that pairs wonderfully with rich flavors..Enhance your culinary creations with India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar. Substitute it for dark brown sugar in your favorite recipes to unlock a world of delicious possibilities. Savor the lingering richness it brings to your baking endeavors..Quality Ingredients for Creative Cooks: India Tree offers an exciting assortment of cooking and baking ingredients; Ranging from pantry staples like sugar to fabulous colored sugar sprinkles, sugar cubes and vegetable dyes.Make India Tree your go-to shop for Decorative sprinkles, confetti, colored sugar and baking sugar; We also carry a wide array of savory seasonings, all created to chef-level standards with attractive minimalist packaging.India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar from the African island of Mauritius has a fine, moist texture, a high molasses content.The strong lingering flavor goes well with other rich flavors - as in gingerbread, coffee, chocolate cakes and fudge.For a more robust flavor with your favorite recipes, use in place of dark brown sugar.India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar takes its flavor and color from the sugar cane juice from which it is made.Sugar milled in Mauritius is particularly special because it retains much of the flavor of the cane grown on soil rich with volcanic ash



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