Freeze Dried Bloodworms Fish Food - 2 OZ Tropical Freshwater Betta Fish Aquatic Food


✅Due to the excellent acceptance and the high protein percentage, bloodworms - which are very popular food also in nature - are particularly well suited for finicky animals (e.g. newly added fish not accustomed with dry food)..✅Our exclusive, pharmaceutical grade freeze-drying process allows us to maintain the original taste, texture and nutrition of the live animal. An excellent alternative to live food, free of foul odor and parasites offering excellent nutrition without risk..✅Loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins to improve the overall health of your pet while reducing stress and stress related disease..✅FD Blood Worms is best for most tropical fish and goldfish. The wholesome composition additionally supports the success of breeding attempts and supports the healthy development of juvenile fish.Basically, your fish will go CRAZY for this food!.✅100% Bloodworms. No additives. No chemicals.No preservatives.High quality all-natural freeze-dried Bloodworms. All the natural nutrition of live foods.



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