BCW Comic Dividers - 25 Pack | Archival Polyethylene Plastic Dividers | Organize Comics Efficiently in Storage Boxes | Write-On Index Tab (Black)


Archival-Grade Construction: Crafted from a full 30-point, high-density polyethylene plastic, these comic book dividers ensure durability and archival quality, offering robust protection for your valuable comics..Write-On Index Tab: Stay in control of your collection with the convenience of a write-on index tab. Easily label and categorize your comic books, making it effortless to locate specific issues and details within your organized comic storage..Innovative Creased Tab Design: Optimize space efficiency! The comic dividers boast a creased tab that folds over neatly, allowing them to snugly fit into your comic book box even with the lid on. Maximize storage while keeping everything accessible..Precision-Cut to Size: Experience a perfect fit! Our comic book storage dividers boast a robust construction, precisely cut to size , ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your comic storage boxes for a neat and organized comic collection..Acid-Free for Long-Term Preservation: Preserve the condition of your comics for generations. These comic book box dividers are acid-free, actively contributing to the long-term protection of your prized comic book collection.



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