AffinityDNA PKD DNA Test for Cats | Home Sample Collection Kit for 1 Feline | Polycystic Kidney Disease Testing | | Just Swab & Send a DNA Sample | Get Your Report in Just 12 Working Days


ACCURATE, CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE: This DNA test will help breeders & owners find out if your cat carries the mutated PKD1 gene. THIS IS NOT A BREED TEST..POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE: PKD is an inherited autosomal dominant disorder in Persian & Persian related cats that causes multiple cysts (pockets of fluid) to form on the kidneys. The PKD DNA Test can be carried out on Persians, Himalayans, Exotics & crosses of these three.SIMPLE & EASY SAMPLE COLLECTION PROCESS: Samples can be collected simply & painlessly using the supplied cheek swabs. You will get the results by email 12 working days after receipt of samples..RECEIVE A DNA REPORT SHOWING THE CAT’S GENOTYPE FOR PKD: The 3 possible genotypes include NN (2 copies of the normal allele), NP Heterozygote (1 normal copy & 1 copy of the PKD mutation) or PP (2 copies of the PKD mutation). PKD is the result of a single, autosomal dominant gene abnormality. This means that every cat with the abnormal gene will have PKD..COMPLETE PKD TESTING KIT FOR YOUR PET: The sample collection kit contains 4 x sterile mouth swabs (all 4 for 1 cat), step-by-step sample collection instructions, registration form & return envelope.



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