ZYIY 1.1KW Shortage Protection Electronic Pressure Switch,Automatic Water Pump Control Switch Water Flow Sensor Switch Pump Water Pressure Controller with Gauge,Electronic Switch Controller for Pump


Applicable to Various Water Pumps: Circulating pumps, self-priming pumps, well pump, submersible pump, household booster pumps, pipeline pumps, air energy heat pumps, solar hot water pumps.Dry-burning protection without water: intelligently control the operation of the water pump, and automatically stop running when there is no water; when the power is cut off, it will automatically start after power is on.High temperature resistance, low noise, safety, intelligence, energy saving.Durable: the electrical compartment and the water passing part are isolated, and the copper valve of the water outlet is triggered by the water pressure..Attributes: Input Voltage:220V-240V/110V-120V; Maximum Power:1100W; Current Rage :10A; Item Weight: 1.15KG.