MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Water Mat for Infants 3-12 Months Old, Measures 27 inches x 21 inches, Water Mat for Babies, BPA-Free, Water Play Mat


WATER TIME WITHOUT GETTING WET: Introduce your baby to a world of water wonders with this captivating playmat. Designed for tummy time and water play, it promises endless entertainment without any wet mess. Watch as your little one discovers the enchanting realm beneath the waves, populated by a vibrant array of silly creatures. Glide your fingers across the moving jellyfish, encounter a friendly crab scuttling by, and spot a graceful turtle swimming alongside a playful shark and dolphin..PROMOTES EARLY DEVELOPMENT: This interactive tool encourages visual and cognitive growth, while supporting major muscle development and fostering early motor skills. Your little one can enjoy the perfect place for practicing kicking their legs, preparing them for the exciting milestone of crawling. Invest in a baby water mat that combines the benefits of tummy time and water play, creating an engaging and educational experience..LEAKPROOF AND STURDY: Crafted with care, it is constructed from durable 100% BPA-free, and heavy-duty materials. Magifire tummy time mats offer a secure and reliable surface for your little one to engage in playful activities. With our innovative design, you can rest assured that there will be no leaks or messy accidents to worry about. Let your baby explore the wonders of water play with our water tummy time mat, providing endless fun and stimulating their development..EASY TO FILL AND EMPTY: Our easy-to-use water mat offers a hassle-free experience from start to finish. To fill the mat, just pour water into its inner core, ensuring a comfortable and safe surface for your little one. Then, inflate the outer ring with air to provide stability and any water spills. Remember to replace the water every 2 to 3 days to maintain cleanliness and freshness. Our water mat is sure to deliver endless fun and developmental benefits for your baby..MORE GREAT OPTIONS: Discover the extensive range of affordable developmental toys available in the Playtime by Magifire collection. Dive into a world of fun with our sprinkler toys, engage little minds with our wooden puzzles, explore endless possibilities with our inflatables, and stimulate sensory development with our baby water mats. Enhance your baby's tummy time experience with our specially designed water mats, providing a safe and enjoyable environment.



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