LaPura Super Vitamin B Complex with Folic Acid & Biotin, 60 Capsules – All B Vitamins Including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 for Energy, Immune & Mood Support– Non-GMO, Made in USA


💊 Essential B Vitamins: This Super Vitamin B Complex features a potent serving of B1 (10mg), B2 (10mg), B3 (10mg), B5 (10mg), B6 (12mg), B12 (25mcg), Biotin (100mcg), and Folic Acid (400mcg). The comprehensive blend supports energy production, aids in a healthy metabolism, enhances brain function, strengthens the immune system, contributes to healthy skin, hair & nails, and promotes overall well-being..⭐ Boost Energy & Mood: This formula is specifically designed to enhance energy production and support cognitive function. From B1's role in converting food into energy to B12's involvement in brain health, each vitamin contributes to sustained energy levels, improved focus, mental clarity, and a positive mood, allowing you to stay sharp and emotionally balanced throughout the day..👍 Immune Support: The synergistic blend of B vitamins and folic acid helps to optimize immune cell function, enhance the production of antibodies, and support the body's natural defense mechanisms. By bolstering your immune system and reducing the risk of infections and illnesses our supplement helps you stay active all year round!.💯 Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails: Unlock your natural radiance with our Vitamin B Complex enriched with folic acid and biotin. This dynamic formula nourishes from within, delivering vital nutrients that strengthen hair follicles, rejuvenate skin cells, and fortify nail health. Reveal lustrous hair, radiant skin, and strong, beautiful nails with our all-in-one solution!.✔ Non-GMO, Made in the USA: We take pride in our non-GMO formula, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product. Our Vitamin B Complex supplement is made in the USA, adhering to rigorous quality standards for your peace of mind



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