PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS Micro Linear Electric Actuator 12V. (0.8 in. 5 lbs.) with Brushed DC Motor. Durable & Compact Stroke for Remote Controls (RC), Robotics, Home Automation. PA-07-080-5


The micro linear actuator has the smallest footprint in our selection of actuator products. It makes it an ideal product for projects that require limited space and minimal force..The versatile nature of the micro actuator and its IP66 environmental protection rating provides opportunities for integration across multIPle applications and industries such as robotics, remote controls (rc), and home automation..Mini linear actuator can be used in many other applications including a hydroponic garden, attic ventilation, small-scale robotics and it can also be used in drone landing gear..Features – the low current requirement makes implementation and connectivity with existing systems seamless..Superb quality guaranteed or your money back! 18-month warranty. All our electric actuators are thoroughly tested, checked and undergo rigorous quality control procedures prior to being shiped.