Astronomy Flexible Decorative Light Cover Octo Lights


This light cover reduces harsh fluorescent glares and escapes the indoors without leaving your desk or cubicle. Whether at home, in school, or at the office, liven up any fluorescent lighting system with the Octo Lights' astronomy design light filters to make every day feel like you're stargazing or sojourning through the stars! Made with top quality materials and featuring high-resolution photo prints the Octo Lights astronomy light covers are designed to enhance any space you choose to install. By removing the harsh glares from the fluorescent lights, your living and workspace will be transformed into one of other-worldly serenity. Octo Lights Features and Benefits: Lightweight and Flexible, Eco-Friendly, Self-Extinguishing Material, Easy Installation and Exchange, UL Certified, Safe for All Environments, Available in Backlit Film for Traditional Fluorescent Lighting Systems and Adhesive for LED. Perfect For: Homes, Classrooms, Offices, Workshops, Hospitals, And More! About Octo Lights: As leaders of the lighting industry, we take pride in offering high-quality astronomy fluorescent light covers that are easy on the pocket. Our experts use high-resolution images to develop flawless interstellar ceiling tiles. You can rest assured that you'll be paying for top-notch light products in the market. Octo Lights