AMMEX Professional Vinyl Disposable Exam Gloves X-Large Clear Powder Free 100 pk
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Laboratory technicians go through a lot of disposable gloves every day. So do doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists and other healthcare professionals. They have specific expectations for what their gloves can do. To meet them, they turn to Ammex clear vinyl powder free exam gloves. First, they need dependable barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens and environmental contaminants. Nobody likes a glove that makes grasping instruments difficult and an improper fit can contribute to hand strain and fatigue. Ammex clear vinyl powder free exam gloves put a checkmark next to all those requirements, as well as adding one more - great value. They are a terrific low-cost solution for applications that require frequent glove changes. Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, which means it has a looser fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. It helps eliminate allergic reactions to latex protein.


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