HILASON Antique Dark Brown 18 in Western Horse Saddle American Leather Treeless Trail Pleasure | Horse Saddle | Western Saddle | Leather Saddle | Treeless Saddle | Barrel Saddle | Saddle for Horses


✔️️✔ QUALITY: Our Hilason saddle is made with premium quality Genuine Skirting AMERICAN Leather in Vintage Finish Dark Brown color. Our horses saddle features a gorgeous Floral Hand Tooled Design, black rough-out leather seat, 4.5" cantle, 28" skirt length, 25 lb. weight, and fits a 6" to 8" gullet..✔ ✔ FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: This Treeless saddle is designed to conform to the horse's back, allowing for closer contact and better weight distribution. The absence of a rigid tree allows the saddle to flex and move with the horse's movement, providing greater comfort for both horse and rider. These saddles for horses have flexibility that can reduce pressure points and the risk of soreness..✔ ✔ FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: The flexibility of the Hilason western saddles allows horses to move more freely, promoting a natural gait and a better range of motion. The absence of a rigid tree can minimize restrictions on shoulder movement and enable the horse to engage its back muscles more effectively. This western saddle for horses can enhance performance and overall well-being..✔ ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT: These Hilason Western Horse Saddles are generally lighter than traditional saddles..✔ ✔ FIT TO DIFFERENT HORSES: This Hilason leather saddle can accommodate a whole range of horse shapes and sizes.



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