Ukrainian Souvenirs 2.1 Quarts Stoneware Round Tagine
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The tagine is handcrafted from natural and safe red clay on a potter's wheel, utilizing the milk firing technique, and decorated with engobes for an aesthetic finish. It comes complete with a lid. A tagine is a distinctive type of cookware originating from Morocco, renowned for its unique lid shape. The conical design of the lid facilitates the condensation of steam on its walls, which then drips back onto the dish. This cooking method ensures that the dish is simmered in its own juices, enhancing the ingredients' aroma, tenderness, and flavor. Engobe decoration is a manual technique applied to clay products, adding beauty and individuality to each piece. This clay cookware is non-toxic, 100% safe, and promotes healthy cooking. It does not react with food, preserving the ingredients' natural flavors, minerals, and vitamins. It is crucial to avoid sudden temperature changes, as they may cause the cookware to crack. This cookware is suitable for use in all types of ovens and tandoors only. It should not be used on an open fire. Additionally, do not wash clay tableware in the dishwasher or use abrasive cleaners.



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