Sarsaparilla Tincture, Organic Sarsaparilla Extract (Smilax Medica) Dried Root, Non-GMO in Cold-Pressed Organic Vegetable Glycerin 2 oz, 670 mg


SARSAPARILLA EXTRACT: Hormones free, preservatives free, without artificial ingredients, without antibiotics, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, sugar-free, soy free, yeast free..HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANIC SARSAPARILLA TINCTURE - Florida Herbs products consist entirely of pure ingredients, including wild plants and certified organic ingredients..ORGANIC SARSAPARILLA SUPPLEMENT from Florida Herbs aims to deliver purest high-quality organic products..FLORIDA HERBS goal is to manufacture products for a healthy lifestyle and help you reach your perfect state of health..SARSAPARILLA other name's: Ecuadorian Sarsaparilla, Honduras Sarsaparilla, Jamaican Sarsaparilla, Mexican Sarsaparilla, Salsaparilha, Salsepareille, Sarsaparillae Radix, Sarsaparillewurzel, Smilax, Smilax Aristolochaefolia, Smilax Aristolochiaefolii, Smilax aristolochiifolia, Smilax china, Smilax febrifuga, Smilax medica, Smilax officinalis, Smilax ornate, Smilax regelii, Zarzaparrilla.



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