G.B.S Leather Strop for Knife Honing and Sharpening - 2" X 18" Sharpen Straight Razor, Chisel, knives - Pack of 1 Black


LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE SIZE: Razor strop made of leather. The razor sharpening strops are perfectly balanced to provide a comfortable sharpening experience. G.B.S. products can be found all throughout the United States and the world..SMOOTH LEATHER SIDE: G.B.S straight razor knife sharpens give you improved performance and extended blade life, preventing your strap from drying and cracking. Maintain a high level of honed and polished product..BEST SHAVE STARTS WITH A SHARP RAZOR & A GREAT STROP: With an outstanding straight razor and your new straight razor sharpener, you can master the art of wet shaving. This leather sharpening strop will help you maintain the sharpness and strength of your blade for years to come. It can also be used as a knife strop in the kitchen..STROP & SHAVE: Never again will you have to suffer through the anguish of a dull razor's yanking and dragging. Simply strop it with a leather strop from Naked Armor and watch your razor's edge come back to life..HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: The razor sharpening straps is made with quality cowhide leather which allows for smoother shaving blades. Suitable for straight razors, sharpen knife and chisels 2" X 18".



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