Green Jay Gourmet Spicy Pickled Quail Eggs in a Jar – Fresh Hand Jarred for Cooking & Pantry – Full Spicy Flavor - Simple Natural Ingredients - 2 x 16 Ounce Jars


GOURMET QUAIL EGGS: What makes our spicy pickled eggs gourmet? It’s all in the preparation. Fresh quail eggs are prepared and pickled, using just a few simple ingredients. Every batch is then hand jarred by our dedicated team to maintain freshness..SPICY PICKLED QUAIL EGGS: Our pickled quail eggs are gently boiled, peeled, then nestled in a bed of jalapenos. We add a wallop of cayenne and a pinch of cracked black pepper to add a full, spicy flavor..PICKLE YOUR PLATE: Our spicy pickled quail eggs taste great sliced and added to your favorite dishes. They’re a fun addition to a charcuterie board and really spice up a salad. Our favorite way to enjoy them is the simplest - straight out of the jar!.FRESH QUAIL EGGS READY TO ENJOY: The great thing about pickled eggs is that they’re always ready to enjoy. No need to think about boiling and peeling - we’ve done that for you! One of the (many) great things about pickling is that it maintains the freshness - so you can eat fresh eggs whenever you want them!.SIMPLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our quail eggs are boiled and pickled whole, with just a few ingredients added to enhance the flavors. Our products are hand jarred in the USA and we never use any artificial preservatives or stabilizers. Just good old-fashioned pickling!



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