Expobazaar Hand Finished Domino Game Set of 28 Chips with Intricate Design Resin Tiles
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"Indulge in timeless entertainment with this meticulously crafted Domino Game set. Each of the 28 domino tiles is meticulously hand finished, showcasing exquisite hand carved details and intricate designs. Crafted from durable quality plastic resin, these tiles ensure longevity and enduring fun for countless gaming sessions. These classic dominoes boast ideal weight and balance, promising a satisfying feel with every move. Each tile is adorned with a metal spinner rivet at its center, allowing for smooth turning and spinning, enhancing the gameplay experience. Numbered on a standard system, the tiles are marked with 1-6 recessed dots on both ends, adhering to the traditional domino game format. The well-painted dots ensure clarity and longevity, resisting fading over time. This set guarantees years of enjoyment, offering a perfect blend of craftsmanship, durability, and classic gaming tradition. Focused Keywords: dominoes, DOMINO GAME, 28 domino tiles, hand finished, resin, intricate design, hand carved, durable, quality plastic, numbered, classic games."