TSI Supercool 39241B-YF HFO-1234yf Total Leak Stop Plus U/V Dye. (NOT for USE in R134a Systems)

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Total Leak Stop for HFO-1234yf AC Refrigerant systems. Stops small leaks in METAL & RUBBER A/C components including evaporators, condenser, hoses, gaskets & O-rings. (NOT FOR USE IN R134a SYSTEMS).IMPORTANT: Confirm your vehicle uses HFO-1234yf Refrigerant. HFO-1234yf low side service port adapter is larger in diameter than an R134a low side service port. The quick connect hose coupler should fit snugly. If it does not fit snugly it indicates the system is not an HFO-1234yf Refrigerant System.Each can is overfilled to ensure proper amount of fluid is injected into AC System and allows for residual fluid remaining in hose after application.Scan QR code on product box for short video on proper installation.1 can treats 1 vehicle