Bright Minute Guayusa infusion 50 teabags | Coffee Alternative & Addition | 55mg of natural caffeine per small 1.5G (0.05OZ) bag, Calm and Wakeful Energy Boost!


BRIGHT MINUTE GUAYUSA is a soft organic Guayusa infusion that contains around 55mg of caffeine and theobromine. Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee products and theobromine is the main ingredient in chocolate. You may add more dark chocolate to make it even more delicious..BRIGHT MINUTE GUAYUSA is made out of Organic Guayusa Leaves plus Guayusa Extract. PACKAGE is attractive and Biodegradable.FLAVOR - SCENT - BRIGHT MINUTE GUAYUSA has a soft or smooth flavor, without bitter or strong taste like other tea products. ALSO, has a smooth and pleasant scent..TEETH - BRIGHT MINUTE GUAYUSA has shown to have a low risk of staining your teeth. BREWING TIME; is 5 minutes, longer brewing time will make it better and will no make it bitter..COCKTAILS - Due to its soft flavor, Bright Minute Guayusa can be part of many Cocktail drinks. It will enhance the flavor while giving you a boost of caffeine that will keep you alert. Combine it with Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, among others..BUBBLE TEA - Make Bright Minute Guayusa part of your recipe for a thrilling twist. You will maintain the flavors while boosting the caffeine content..MATCHA GREEN TEA - If you are looking to boost caffeine on your Matcha without the bitter taste of coffee or black tea, Bright Minute Guayusa with its softer flavor could be the solution. Make sure you use less of both as they have synergistic effects..KOMBUCHA - Make Bright Minute Guayusa part of the brew by combining the two brews to increase alertness and energy.COFFEE - Combining Bright Minute Guayusa with your coffee provides added energy focus with less crash and bitter flavor. Consider adding it to your Cold Coffee Brew which has shown to have the best results..GINGER - In combination with Bright Minute Guayusa, these two superfoods may provide with added anti inflamatory effects.



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