Kavey 2.0 Cub Safe Box, Home Safe with Backlit Touch Screen Keypad and Dual Alarm System, Money Safe With Mute Function and LED Light, Safe for Home Hotel Office


TOTAL SECURITY, TOTAL PEACE OF MIND: Worried about keeping medicines, firearms, and other sensitive items away from curious children? Anxious about safeguarding your precious belongings? Look no further than the Kavey Safe. Crafted with low-carbon alloy steel, fortified with a 6cm-thick anti-drill door, a 1mm micro-seam anti-pry design, and four colossal 28mm anti-theft locking bolts, the KaveySafe Box puts your security concerns to rest once and for all..POWERHOUSE OF SAFETY, DUAL ALARM MASTERY: Safety isn't just a word, it's a promise that the Kavey Home Safe fulfills effortlessly. Our money safe comes armed with a dual alarm system, striking at the heart of theft and curious little hands. Three incorrect password attempts or any forceful breach triggers the safe into action. The result? A resounding 70-decibel alarm that echoes through the space, enough to deter even the most audacious intruders..SPACE, CUSTOMIZED, ORGANIZE YOUR WAY: But security isn't all that matters. Size matters too. Measuring at 12.59"D x 14.96"W x 17.72"H, this Safe Box offers ample space for storing a variety of items with ease. The two removable, adjustable shelves grant you the freedom to adapt to your storage needs. It's not just storage; it's your personal canvas of organization. The interior is lined with velvet, cocooning your treasured possessions in a tender embrace..FUTURE TECH, ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE: Yet, there's more! The Kavey Home Safe employs cutting-edge technology – a backlit touchscreen keypad. It precisely recognizes your password, unlocking with lightning speed. The advanced backlight ensures you navigate in darkness, while the complimentary emergency battery box lets you unlock using the keypad even when the battery wanes..UNVEILING THE ENSEMBLE: The Kavey Safe itself- 2 emergency keys- 6 expansion screws for unyielding installation- An emergency battery box for uninterrupted access- 4 non-slip foot mats for unwavering stability- A user manual, your guide on this journey of security..OUR PROMISE, YOUR ASSURANCE: Rest assured, the Kavey Safe is more than just a product; it's a commitment. With a lifetime warranty, we're devoted to your security. Our round-the-clock online customer service is ready to assist, and a 90-day unconditional return policy stands as a testament to our confidence in the Kavey Safe's quality. So, embark on this journey with Kavey Safe – a journey towards safeguarding what truly matters, with a promise that never wavers.



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