OSITO FSA or HSA Eligible, EMS & TENS Foot Circulation Devices- Electric Foot Circulation Promoter - Boosting Circulation, Alleviate Pain and Aching Feet, Legs and Ankles


FSA OR HSA ELIGIBLE- Health is wealth. If you are on your feet all day, now you may be a pleasantly surprised what you can purchase our medical foot circulation machine with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) cards. Which works by activating your nerve and sole – contracting and releasing. Not only can it improve circulation throughout your legs, but it can help to alleviate pain and aching..COMBINES HIGH EMS AND TENS TECHNOLOGY—This foot circulation device that uses TENS and EMS technology to help ease pain and improve circulation in the feet and legs. The TENS therapy provides drug-free pain relief by activating the nerves and blocking pain signals to the brain, while EMS engages nerve contractions to accelerate strengthening and rehab. The foot circulator has eight EMS modes, 17 TENS modes, and 99 intensity levels which can be used together or independently..TREAT BODY PAIN AND ACHING— Four Additional Medical-grade pads which can be used on hard reached body parts, such as back, waist, thighs, lower back, hips and shoulders, it will activate blood flow in your body parts. This helps the blood flow to improve, leading to better circulation and less swelling and pain in your feet legs and body..COMPACT AND EASY TO USE— No noise! No vibration! There is a large display on the machine that can be used with a remote control. 99 different intensity levels and 25 various massage settings can be easily adjusted. This foot massager machine is specially designed to be very easy to use, suitable for people of all ages. A typical session lasts 20 to 30 minutes and should be used regularly to gain maximum benefit..1 YEARS WARRANTY —We offer a 30 days money back guarantee in which you can return your EMS foot massager for any reason. And We also offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours. So just purchase this wonderful foot massager with confidence!



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