Tonneau Buddy Top Cover for Full Size, TBFSTC


The Tonneau Buddy top cover is made of VCN (vinyl covered nylon). It is waterproof just like the Tonneau Buddy Full Size and Full Size HD so you can combine them for use in the outdoor elements. It has a 1" polyester webbing belt to keep it snug with an anodized aluminum buckle that is corrosion resistant. The cover is UV resistant. It fits nicely over the Tonneau Buddy Full Size tie down grommets for additional confidence it won't fly off when driving down the highway. Fits either the standard Tonneau Buddy Full Size HD or the Tonneau Buddy Full Size. It's an ideal add on if you don't have a tonneau cover over your Tonneau Buddy Full Size or you need to keep your tonneau cover open at times and still need storage/organization in your truck bed.


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