TC Electronic BonaFide Buffer Pedal for Electric Guitars
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Experience the true essence of your electric guitar's sound with the BonaFide Buffer Pedal, a high-quality, durable, and innovative solution designed by the reputable TC Electronic. This pedal is engineered to preserve the integrity of your tone, ensuring that every note you play is transparent, crisp, and full of life. The BonaFide Buffer is an essential tool for any electric guitar player looking to maintain the purity of their sound, especially when using long cable runs.Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the BonaFide Buffer Pedal boasts an impressive analog buffer circuit that effectively combats treble loss and signal degradation. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, this pedal allows you to run extensive cable lengths without compromising your tone's strength or clarity.The BonaFide Buffer's superior input impedance of 1 MOhms ensures a robust signal build-up, while the low output impedance of 100 Ohms guarantees that your signal is released with precision and power. This balance of high input and low output impedance is the key to maintaining a strong signal flow throughout your entire pedalboard setup.Moreover, the BonaFide Buffer Pedal sets a new standard for noise reduction, boasting a >112dB signal-to-noise ratio and an exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion rating of 0.001%. This means that the pedal not only maintains your guitar's natural sound but does so with minimal noise interference, delivering a pure and uncolored tone that is authentically you.Understanding the unpredictability of live performances, TC Electronic has equipped the BonaFide Buffer with a fail-safe feature. The built-in intelligent bypass relay automatically switches the pedal from buffered to true bypass mode in the event of a power outage. This ensures that your tone remains uninterrupted, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about technical difficulties.In summary, the BonaFide Buffer Pedal is a versatile, user-friendly, and indispensable addition to any electric guitarist's rig. It's not just a pedal; it's a declaration of your commitment to tonal excellence. Embrace the full potential of your electric guitar with the BonaFide Buffer Pedal, and let your music resonate with the clarity and vibrancy it deserves.



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