Ceeport Silicone Foam Dressing with Adhesive Gentle Border 6" x 6" 5 Pack, Waterproof Wound Dressing, High Absorbency Bed Sore Wound Bandages, Square Breathable Foam Dressing for Wound Care


Comfortable, Flexible Wound Care: Our wound dressings are designed with a soft, highly absorbent center pad to provide excellent cushioning for wounds. At the same time, there is a protective frame around the edge, which is gentle and comfortable to use and helps promote wound healing..Multilayered Wound Healing Protection: Silicone foam dressings for wounds are designed with multiple layers, super absorbent polyurethane foam. Absorbs wound exudate while applying gentle pressure and converts it into a gel, reducing wound maceration and providing good wound healing protection..Waterproof and Breathable: Wound dressings and bandages are made of semi-permeable PU film layers, which are waterproof and breathable. Provides a fluid barrier that absorbs wound exudate while allowing the passage of oxygen and water vapor, keeping the wound moist and sterile, preventing infection, and promoting wound healing..Easy to Apply and Remove: Soft silicone wound contact layer reduces pain during dressing removal and replacement, preventing secondary damage to the wound. Good stickiness can be opened at any time to observe the wound. Silicone bandages for wounds can tightly fit the skin and wounds and are not easy to fall off and curl..Wide Range of Applications: Our foam wound dressing pads are suitable for moderate to high exudate wounds, including common problems such as post-operative wounds, cysts, bedsores, blisters, pressure ulcers, trauma, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, I-II degree burns, and other minor traumas. Each dressing is individually packaged sterile.



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