Alaska Game Bags Alaska 27'x30' Transport Bag
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Transporting your meat from the hunt site to your home can be a challenge, especially when home is far away. So keep your big game meat harvest clean after the hunt with the Alaska Game Bags Alaska Transport Bag. Larger than standard meat transport bags, Alaska Game Bags specifically designed this bag to accommodate the transport of large quarters from animals such as moose and elk. Designed to be stronger and more durable than the average game bag, the Alaska Transport Bag comes with closure ties sewn into the bag for easy use and does not have a bottom seam. Comes with one hunter/recipient meat transfer form. Manufacturer model #: AGBATB2430. Big and durable game bag Keeps game clean after the hunt Durable construction with no botton seam Closure ties sewn into the bag Alaska hunters face some unique challenges in getting their meat from the field to the freezer. Adverse weather, delays in transport, insects, and marauding predators are some of the more well known factors that contribute to lost or poor quality game meat. Alaskan hunter Earl Rinio took on these challenges for years using other game bag products without satisfaction, leading him to develop game bags ideally suited for Alaska's extreme environment. After consulting with big game guides across Alaska and conducting numerous field trials, Rinio has developed Alaska Game Bags. Stronger and more durable than the average game bag, Alaska Game Bags are super tough, lightweight, breathable, virtually tear resistant, odor free, reusable, and tailored to specific animals. Tough enough to meet the exacting needs of the Alaska hunter, this line of species specific game bags will serve other hunters around the world just as well.



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