Marolin 2011023Vintage Mouthblown Christmas Glass Ornament Silver Crescent Grey


This Silver Crescent with silver glitter is a brand-new ornament, made to look like a family heirloom which can become a family treasure to be passed down to future generations. Made in Germany. Year of origin ca. 1910. Mouth-blown glass using authentic old molds- the forms date back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Hand-painted-The patina finish gives a retro and nostalgic character to the ornament. Measures 2 x 1.5 x 4. Metal cap enclosure at top for easy hanging. The ornament box may be used as a presentation packaging or gift box. This mystical silver moon reminds us of cold winter nights. Its back is covered with silver mica, on the top the moon is closed by a real iron cap. This ornament goes along pretty well with silver Christmas balls. This ornament exemplifies Marolins niche of producing mouth-blown ornaments using old molds, then painting and finishing the items in such a way to create a vintage or antique appearance. You will notice brush marks, minor color inconsistencies, rubs and an occasional small scratch, or even what appears to be missing paint. These are all part of the artistic charm that goes into the creation of Marolin ornaments. The place of origin of the glass ornaments is the area around Lauscha in Thuringia. In the beginning it was just a substitute for real fruit which a poor glass-blower could not afford. With time, the diversity of glass ornaments for Christmas trees grew.


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